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Bài thi đạt giải ba cuộc thi Hùng biện Tiếng Anh do Sở GD&ĐT ĐăkNông tổ chức


Dakmil is considered as one of the socio-economic development places where people are mostly doing farming as their main occupation, so agricultural is a priority, that’s why many good products come from here, especially coffee and pepper. However, in order to have good crops with low cost, many people are using chemical fertilizers. This might lead to fewer or poor quality crops in a long term, or it can also affect human being. Being aware of this, Truong Vinh Ky secondary school encourages students to study and find out what they can do to help or change the situation. And two students shared about enviromental pollution facts caused by coffee smoke and some suggestions according to their knowledge and opinions.